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Services Provided      

-     Finished Basements

    Kitchen / Bathroom Remodels

-     Custom Cabinetry

-     All types of flooring from tile to hardwood to carpet

-     Full house renovations

-     Damage and fire restorations

-     Trimwork and interior and exterior doors

-     Decks, screened porches, and patios

-     Fencing

-     Siding and roofing

-     Window replacement

-     Additions

Hine Homes Experience

Hine Homes is owned and operated by Lee H. Hine

Lee is involved in every aspect of the job from the planning and blueprint process through the finishing touches.

Quality and efficient production at an affordable price are our main goals for your project.

A Syracuse University graduate with a Biology degree,  Lee takes an analytical thought process and focuses on solution based answers to every job.  Lee has been involved in the building trade for over 10 years. His background is in building neighborhood homes. Lee has honed his skills in the carpentry tade. From the framing to the finish trimwork, Lee can do it all.

Lee also works with quality subcontractors who are also licensed and experts in their trades. If your project requires anything that Lee does not work on directly, you can be sure that he will be working closely with any of his trades to make sure that the job gets done right and on time.

Working with the customer and getting constant feedback from them is Lee's way of assuring that the job is being done to their satisfaction. His phone is always on.

There are several types of customers, which are you?

Rental agent - Looking to prepare a property between renter?

Homeowner - Looking to upgrade instead of moving?

Real Estate Agent - Looking for some selling points to be fixed prior to sale?

Hine Homes can fit any customer with any budget.

Free Estimates

Lee personally visits each and every project to give it a thorough walk through. Each improvement project shall be clearly written in a proposal for the homeowner and sent via email to you in a timely manner.

Notes for a Homeowner to ask their contractor

1.     Are you licensed and insured?    

Hine homes is a licensed and insured company. MHIC#96897 You may check this by going onto the Maryland Home improvement commiission website to check at the following:


2.     What is your backgound in the project at hand?

Hine Homes has done many different types of projects, from additions to new home construction to kitchen and bathroom renovations and exterior decking. Just ask us we have probably done a project like yours.

3.     Do you have any outstanding liens and or lawsuits against your company?

Hine Homes takes pride in satifying each and every customer. Hine Homes has never been involved in a lawsuit with any of its customers.

4.     Can you provide references?

Hine Homes will be glad to give you any references that you may need and we will be able to provide them for your specific project.

5.     Why should we use you?

As stated before Hine Homes takes pride in each and every project and the attention to detail shows in their work. A fair market price shall always be given for each and every job that we bid.

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